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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 9, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> we had no cell phones or e-mails but the 1980's were easier times financially and economically. thanks to everyone who responded. i loved the leg warmers and teased bangs. "fox & friends" starts now. goodbye. >>gretchen: those went out? teased bangs. it is 2013. good morning everybody. tuesday is tuesday, april 9, it is -- today is tuesday, april #, 2013. nuclear tensions rising in north korea but it looks like diplomacy will have to wait. our ambassador is on spring break and blogging. >>steve: that makes perfect sense. they thought it was a great idea. try the 9/11 terrorists on american soil a couple of blocks from the world trade center. thanks to that sequester, one of osama bin laden's relatives may actually get a pass. we'll tell you about that. >>brian: a win for kevin
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ware. the injured player taking the net after the cardinals win the championship in his honor. they brought the basketball net down to him so he was able to cut the net off the rim. louisville, a massive comeback. they are national champions. and "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: what a finale for louisville. >>brian: it was amazing. i was watching the show if the first half and then this thing called hosting a morning show took over and i realized i couldn't stay up for the whole thing. next thing you know, the comeback happened. a bunch of three's. in the end louisville cuts down the net. >>gretchen: one player got four three's in a row. >>brian: hancock. >>steve: that is our lead story. >>gretchen: it was in the cards for the cardinals. >> as louisville completes
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the amazing journey to the championship. >>gretchen: you can see there are fireworks start starteling rick pitino. the cardinals bringing down the basket so kevin ware could go to the net after he broke his leg in that horrific injury. >> it is not about me. i've never been that type of guy. guys came out here and played a great michigan team. these are my brothers, you know. they got the job done, and i'm so proud of them. i'm so proud of them. >>gretchen: the first title for louisville since 1986. i believe pitino was the only coach to win the ncaa title from two different schools: kentucky and louisville. >> brand-new warning from north korea. it is telling foreigners in the south to get out. this is japan deployed missile interceptor to
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tokyo in case the north launches that nuclear attack they are threatening for tomorrow. there are destroyers with missile interceptor systems on alert in the sea of japan. >> no longer the fantasy weapon of tomorrow. the navy is set to use a powerful laser that can blast bad guys out of the sky. the laser tracks a moving target like this drone and fires a steady beam strong enough to burn a hole through steel. the drone engulfed in flames crashes into the ocean. next year the navy will put the weapon a ship in the persian gulf to take down drones or boats. there was not a single miss during testing. the laser went three for three. >>brian: hope that wasn't my drone. >>gretchen: remember when we told you more than $600,000 of taxpayer money was used to study shrimp on treadmills. the general accounting office will reveal a brand-new report today. we have a preview. it shows 31 areas of
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redundant spending. government agencies are spending billions on new mapping data without checking whether another agency has maps they could use. federal agencies run hundreds of programs to support renewable energy and each branch of the armed services has camouflage uniforms without sharing them with other services. >>steve: we have an extreme weather alert because today could be a wild day for weather across the united states. more than a foot of snow in colorado. maria molina once again vigilant, keeping an eye on things. >> good morning. we're talking about more than a foot of snow not just across parts of colorado but also across parts of nebraska and even into south dakota. we have a pretty large area of the country that is seeing some winter-like weather during the month of april. this is a powerful cold front ahead of this system. we have that risk for severe storms. right now batches of heavy rain pushing through sections of iowa and across eastern sections of nebraska. as you head out the door to
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work out here it will be a slow commute on the roadways. on the back end of the storm system, that snow coming down. south dakota, nebraska and into parts of the rockies where we have blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings in effect not just because we could see over a foot of snow, but because of the wind. wind gusts are expected to exceed 30 miles per hour, 40 miles per hour at times and that severe threat widespread through texas, illinois and nevada. the greatest threat is across sections of oklahoma and north central texas. the storm will continue to head east and we will continue to monitor threat for severe storms across parts of the mississippi valley. otherwise temperatures, i want to show you, 70's will be the high temperatures today in new york city. 85 in d.c. tomorrow you can actually see a high at 90 in washington, d.c. so warming up. >>brian: going to warn america ahead of time: do not complain about how hot it is. i don't want to hear it. >> i've heard people
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complaining about how cold it is over the last six months. don't want to hear it. >>brian: you slug them, maria. knock them out. >>steve: let's talk little bit about this. gretch was talking about how the country of japan now on alert. they have put their interceptor out there because they don't know what the heck -- >>brian: i didn't know they had interceptors but good to know. >>steve: they don't know what north korea is probably going to do tomorrow. somebody who knows better than anybody would be -- >>brian: why would that be? >>steve: he is the johnny apple seed of islamic atomic power. there is a picture of him. he has sold atomic weapons for a price to libya, china, iran and others and north korea as well. >>brian: remember how we found out about him. libya gave up their nuclear weapons after we saw what we did in iraq. they said we want to be part of that world community. how did you get them?
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a.q. khan. then he was arrested. but now he's living such a good life he's going to run for office. fox news got a hold of him yesterday and talked about the chance of north korea using the missile systems and nuclear weapons that he gave them. >> they are not that stupid to treat people like that [inaudible] >>gretchen: he says they're not trigger happy. i don't know. can we believe this guy? why would you? i mean, why would you? he sold his nuclear weapons to anybody, like you said, who would pay the price. i don't know if i take him as okay, it's all over. we don't have to worry about north korea anymore. >>brian: i heard this thing called wind, and if
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you bomb north korea, some of that nuclear stuff blows down to the south, our friend, and china doesn't like when you blow up their ally. so there is a little bit of an issue. there is some layers to north korea's bluff. >>gretchen: because he sold them the weapons, i don't know if he's inside the mind of the new guy in charge, the guy with no experience, kim jong un. is it all bluster? maybe it is. maybe it is, to get the u.s.'s attention and the rest of the world and to make his mark. >>brian: he's talking so freely. he's a proliferator of nuclear weapons to china, libya, to iran and to north korea. he is the problem. >>steve: he also said that north korea understands that one bomb from the united states and, boom, that's it for them. according to him -- and keep in mind, he knows the military in north korea. officially he said during this exclusive interview with fox news, a.q. khan
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said officially we had a program with them. i went there twice, which is unusual, because we believed he had been to north korea a dozen times. so perhaps he's more limited in exactly what he did provide to them. >>gretchen: despite the tensions, the united states ambassador to south korea is apparently blogging about going on spring break with his kids and talking about the cherry blossoms. in and of itself, yes, everyone goes on vacation and deserves a vacation. i think what has some people talking about this is that why would you blog about it? if you're the u.s. ambassador to south korea when there is a huge international situation happening, maybe you just don't blog that particular week because some people might not think that it's appropriate to blog about how you're looking at the cherry blossoms and that you're complaining about having to be on these conference calls because you're dealing with world issues. >>steve: i think it's great that given the fact that there could be a calamity in north korea that he's able to find time to break away from his busy
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schedule as united states ambassador to south korea. he also went out for sushi with his daughters during this three-day get-away and the daughters said dad, you can eat anything, so long as it doesn't move. way to go. >>brian: he does say he was planning a week vacation. he only took one day before the tension started. let's talk about something happening downtown. you knew abu ghaith, you can see him in the shot with osama bin laden. he's a smoker, so that's not healthy. also living in the sand and running for your life, also not healthy. there he is. he was let out of iran. we asked turkey to turn him over. we finally get limb in the united arab emirates, i believe. we pick him up. instead of bringing him to gitmo where he gets a trial, we bring him to new york city where he gets tried like anybody else. therefore, he is subjected to the budget in new york city which they say will
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delay his trial. they said we're going to give you a trial date in september. the public defenders come forward and say i can't get ready for that date because i've been cut. my budget has been slashed because of sequester. >>steve: the federal defender agency has been ordered to take 21 days off between now and september. they said, judge, we can't be ready by sefplt they were talking about january? i don't know about that. his defenders are saying, wait a minute, we think he may not be able to get a fair trial in new york, so they're going to ask for a change of venue. >>gretchen: where? >>steve: that is unclear. all they know is if they were to have it in new york city where this administration wanted to have it, he may not get a fair trial. so they're going to ask for a change of venue. instead of gitmo? gitmo is suddenly looking like a brilliant idea. >>gretchen: suddenly a 2% budget cut means people have to be off work for 21 days and you can't prepare
3:12 am
for cases? it's not really a cut in the budget. it's a cut in increased spending. are we politicizing from the bench? even the judge had something to say that he found it hard to believe that the sequester would interrupt an imp this. let us know what you think about that. >>brian: you think it's bad now. when the trial starts and he asked khalid sheikh muhammad to appear and witnesses to come forward, it's going to cost us a million. there will be a million speeches. there will be blazing headlines and massive security. it will be more expensive than you can imagine. >>steve: while it looks as if the trial may be put off on the start date, the united states government apparently has $300,000 -- the department of state has -- to go ahead and address the terrible unemployment problem in the country of serbia. that's right. we're talking about serbia, which is, of course, in southeastern europe.
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apparently unemployment is 25% in some towns, 50% in others. so the department of state is going to try to figure out the mismatch between private-sector jobs and jobs that are currently being filled. so we're using $300,000 for workforce development in serbia. >>gretchen: some people might find it a little ironic since so many people are unemployed here in the united states of america. >> coming up on "fox & friends," have you seen what the other networks have been covering lately? gun control? but a new poll says people are still worried about jobs so where is the coverage on that? coming up next. >>brian: call him the cookie monster. he's accused of pushing a two-year-old to the ground and cursing out his mom over a tip. >>gretchen: not the real ana, lookin' good! what's your secret?
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>> after a terrible march jobs report we got this past friday, president obama seems to be turning his attention to gun control, and the mainstream media isn't far behind. look at last week. the evening newscast did 14 stories on gun control. only six on the economy and two on unemployment. but while they brush off the bad economy, the american people are demanding more. 24% say economic issues like jobs are the most important issues facing americans today. way at the bottom of that list? health care, immigration, and there it is right there: gun control at 4%. so why are the mainstream media pushing it if the american people aren't buying it? we have a professor of american politics at ucla,
3:18 am
and he is up already in los angeles at 3:17 in the morning. great to see you. indeed, he was with us yesterday. tim, why the disconnect? why is it that americans seem to be more interested in jobs and the economy than guns? and yet that seems to be what the mainstream media are pushing? >> you can see by this gallup poll said people are more interested in the economy than basically any of those other things. why is that? i think the main reason just has to do with most journalists happen to be liberal. and what happened was liberals got a win on public policy last week, mainly the connecticut law, and also possibly the momentum they're hoping to get in the law through congress. given that, liberals were happy about that. and i think just natural if you're a liberal journalist, you want to report about that. >>steve: i saw a cnn poll last night that said 52% of the country disapproves of
3:19 am
the president's gun policies. so that flies in the face -- you know, if a majority of americans are not for something, it is interesting when it seems like all the other networks are pushing something. >> one thing about guns is there is an asymmetry about preference. people who are prosecond amendment rights, antigun control, they have intense preferences. these polls will fool people. sometimes there will be 60%, 70%, 80% of the people in favor of regulations but the politicians will get burned by that. they will vote for gun regulations not realizing these people with intense regulations. people like mary landrieu may find out the hard way. despite polls, i doubt they'll vote that way. >>steve: do you think it has to do with the fact
3:20 am
that most members of the mainstream media press are liberal and they're trying to help the president on this? >> i think so. here is a statistic i hope people will know about, the media bias, if you poll washington correspondents and ask them who did you vote for the last election? 93% of washington correspondents who voted for a democrat in the last election, not only is that liberal, more liberal than berkeley, california, in a congressional district that contains berkeley, california, it only voted # 0-10 for the -- voted 90-10 for the democrat. i think they are trying to help barack obama. >>steve: dr. tim groseclose, thank you for joining us two days in a row. a real pleasure. what do you think about that? e-mail us? a bear was about to kill him in his backyard, sew aimed and fired.
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>>steve: 24 minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. quick headlines. texting and flying may be to blame for a helicopter that crashed that killed everybody on board. it was a helicopter for a hospital. ntsb say investigators say the chopper pilot exchanged at least seven text messages while flying a patient to another hospital in 2011. this kphroegs -- this
3:25 am
implosion in washington state didn't go as planned. try another. nothing happened after crews detonated explosives. the chimney stack just stood there. plan b? they used huge saws to cut the steel bars that held the chimney up. timber, there she goes. gretch, over to you and brian and the doctor. >>gretchen: did you know each year billions of dollars are spent on unnecessary medical tests and medications all because doctors aren't listening to their patients? >>brian: joining us is the author of "when doctors don't listen: how to avoid misdiagnosis and unnecessary tests." doctor, welcome. how do you know when doctors aren't listening to you? >> you should assume your doctor isn't listening to you. we know the doctor won't interrupt you in something like ten seconds after you start talking, so go in and think your doctor isn't
3:26 am
listening. >>gretchen: you say go in with a script of sorts. map out what you're going to tell the doctor. in what way? >> make a list of all the things you want to ask your doctors, not just the questions but the list of your symptoms, a history of why you're there to see the doctor. otherwise you have to make those ten seconds count. >>brian: you talk about when you leave ask for your diagnosis. i can't tell you how many times you leave and go i don't know why i'm taking this medicine. >> i have patients all the time saying they got diagnosed with chest pain or abdominal pain but that is a symptom, not a diagnosis. ask what you have and how you can get better and what are the warning signs to look out for. >>gretchen: according to you, it's also important to ask your doctor, which is one word: why? >> why you need a
3:27 am
particular test? why you need a particular treatment. don't just do it. know why it's being done and what the risks and alternatives and benefits are of everything being done to you. >>brian: if it's why me? that's more of a god question. keep copies of your medical records. i did not know this. you could say give me the m.r.i., find out what the prescription is. you can leave with that? >> you can leave with a disk of your m.r.i. you have to ask, you have to assume your doctor isn't talking to you. talking to other doctors you're seeing. take personal control of your health. >>gretchen: we were talking about whether or not your records should be on-line, your medical history. you think it is a good idea? >> i think it is a good idea for you to have control of your own records. maybe you bring it with you on a flash disk, something you can control, so all your doctors are on the same page with you. >>gretchen: for example, i have no idea when i had
3:28 am
my last booster shot. if you live a bunch of different places, you never find out that information. >>brian: never go to the doctor alone. i've got to go to the doctor with tkpwre -- tkrorbgt -- go to the doctor with gretchen now? you have to bring stph-b >> bring someone with you. if you have the flu, you're not feeling very well. you can't tell the story, you don't want to ask all the questions. bring someone with you who is your advocate, your friend, loved one. >>brian: i can't get someone to walk the dog with me, let alone go to the doctor. >> find someone today. >>gretchen: i would think your wife would be so happy you're going to the doctor because men don't go to the doctor. check out her new book, dr. wen, "when doctors don't listen." >> thank you. >>brian: don't interrupt me every ten seconds. so go ahead.
3:29 am
>>gretchen: here's somebody who likes to interrupt. hugo chavez. not a good leader. margaret thatcher, not a good leader but you wouldn't know that if you read the obituary press. >> kids forced to take the s.a.t.'s twice. they didn't do anything wrong. the teachers did. wait till you hear this one. >>gretchen: we'll be >>gretchen: we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. now, buy one lobsterfestntree and get one 1/2 off with a coupon at now, thto fight chronic.ntree osteoarthritis pain.
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♪ roundup yeha! [ whip cracks ] [ male announcer ] roundup... [ whip cracks ] with the new one-touch wand. ♪ ♪ hey good lookin' ♪ what you got cookin' >>brian: talking about getting your point across. this woman and three our topless friends shouted dictator at vladimir putin as he toured with german chancellor angela merkel. putin later said he liked the protesters. he didn't say what part of the protesters he liked. he didn't text what they were saying because i guess he speaks russian. in fact, he doesn't know what color hair they had. >>gretchen: he didn't hear what they were saying because he was looking at a certain eye level.
3:34 am
>>brian: he was probably reading what they said. things happen so quick, you don't remember anything. he's going to need therapy to get through that. what was their point? they want more freedom? >>steve: they don't like him. they got a problem with him. >>brian: people don't like somebody, how many took their tops off? >>steve: i took my top off. i've been topless for the last two days in new jersey. >>brian: really? >>steve: yes. convertible weather. >>brian: in your car. >>steve: yesterday was beautiful topless weather. the day before not so much. >>gretchen: i wonder if it will be warm enough today for women to be topless. in their convertibles. check it out about 3 p.m. maybe we'll have the video for you tomorrow. in the meantime, let's look at obituaries. let's go from good news to
3:35 am
sad news. the way in which they're handled. we're going to compare between the associated press's obituary of margaret thatcher versus hugo chavez. he recently died and of course margaret thatcher died yesterday. you might find some interesting differences in the way that they have depicted these two people. >>brian: number one, one guy, the guy on the left, he hated america and tried everything he can to hurt america, but this is how margaret that much clear is known. she transformed britain. she imposed her will on a fractious, rundown nation. >>steve: here's the glowing obituary for chavez. the firery populist who declared socialist
3:36 am
revolution in venezuela, crusaded against u.s. influence and championed a leftist revival across latin america. >>gretchen: that much clear was a -- thatcher was a savior. for critics she was a heartless tyrant, kicked the weak out on to the streets and let the rich become filthy rich. >>brian: chavez challenged the casino at home and internationally -- chavez challenged the status quo at home and internationally. was masterful at communicating and a strategist who tapped into venezualan nationalism. >>gretchen: they didn't mention that he starved his own people? >>brian: and actually destroyed the free media. nationalized television and radio. >>steve: why do you think the associated press did that glowing reports for chavez and biting comments for margaret thatcher, the iron lady?
3:37 am
e-mail us. remember it was last week they are decided they are no longer going to refer to them as illegal immigrants or aliens. they don't like the illegal thing. they say that imposes a bias on somebody who is of course in this country illegally. >>gretchen: other headlines. a group in china planning to vaccinate pigeons to try to stop the deadly bird flu. at least one pigeon confirmed to have the disease. seven people died in the new outbreak. over 20 are sick. there are no vaccine yet for the new strain. >>brian: a cookie monster acting more like oscar the grouch. this impersonator was arrested for allegedly pushing a two-year-old boy to the ground. your family posed for a picture with costumed characters. when the family didn't immediately give him a tip, he reportedly became
3:38 am
enraged and pushed the kid to the ground. >> what happened with the cookie monster? >> he said screaming and yelling at me. why are you doing this? i said i'm giving you money. why be so rude to somebody for a dollar or two? it's shocking. >>brian: he yelled at one guy go to the money machine and get money out. the impersonator charged with hurting a child. >>steve: the mother is a famous bollywood actress according to the daily news. a bear was about to kill this guy in a backyard. >>brian: a real bear? >>steve: a real bear. this 76-year-old from auburn massachusetts aimed and fired. now the guy is facing charges because he didn't have the right gun permit to shoot a bear that was about to hit him. >> it's getting closer and
3:39 am
i felt really threatened. i knew it was going to attack me. it reared up and made a couple of little snorting sound. >>steve: richard ahlstrand, retired marine, got his firearm i.d. card many years ago. at the time the i.d. was valid indefinitely but since then the gun laws changed. you now have to renew it every six years. he had no idea. cops said he should have gone back in his house and called animal control. >>gretchen: imagine taking the s.a.t.'s and find out your scores didn't count. that happened in a school in texas. a college board didn't find evidence of cheating but it is forcing everyone to retake the test. >> the students have to suffer and take the tests all over again. >>gretchen: the
3:40 am
rescheduled s.a.t. is set for next wednesday. i wonder how that works. there's different versions of the s.a.t. that could be complicated. >>brian: more on your top story, louisville beating michigan last night in one of the finest championship games i can remember, gives them their first title since 1986. joining us live from atlanta is caroline ryan. they must still be excited in atlanta? >> absolutely. an incredible week here in atlanta. folks are arriving here, fans are arriving at the airport. louisville arriving tired and happy. michigan fans probably just arriving at the airport tired. it was a late game last night. it was a hard-fought game. the final score 82-76 with louisville coming out on top. louisville really playing for their injured teammate who has become somewhat of a national superstar. kevin ware. then of course we've got
3:41 am
coach pitino, coach of louisville, the only coach to ever win two national titles for two different schools. here he was after the game. take a listen. >> we beat a great basketball team, probably because i have the 13 toughest guys i've ever coached. >> thing are buzzing here at atlanta hartfield jackson airport. fans are packing up and heading hoefplt this was a very successful week in atlanta. our mayor estimates we're going to see about $70 million pumped into the city when all is said and done. we had great weather. we had a lot of activities. the braves were here in town playing the cubs. i think one thing for sure, whether you're a louisville fan or michigan fan, you're heading out of town with great memories. i think that is one thing both teams can agree on.
3:42 am
>>brian: now they can catch up on all the homework they missed. >>steve: a fox news reporter about to get tossed in jail for protecting her source. this morning we've got a big update in the case. >>gretchen: the i.r.s. collecting personal info from places like facebook, and many are saying this goes way too far. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid.
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it shows. we don't run like that. we build john deere equipment the way we always have: the right way. times change. our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. >>steve: we've got another reason to think before you post. the i.r.s. is reportedly starting to look at facebook postings and other social media sites. if there is a red flag on your tax return. but many critics say taking things one step too far. lay off our facebook. >> one french cyclist taking his eyes off the road and paying for it.
3:46 am
he crashes into a sign during a race and was unable to finish. >> that's the news. gretch, over to you and the judge. >>gretchen: thanks. it should be an easy case but the fate of fox news reporter jana winter and whether she should go to jail for not revealing her sources is still up in the air. a colorado judge revealing he needs more time. winter won't reveal the source of a story about james holmes, the shooter in colorado. judge, it was a much more important ruling late yesterday; right sph >> i was surprised at the ruling but pleased with her. in my own view and my view of the law and the constitution is that reporters should not be forced to divulge their sources. if they are, the sources will dry up and we'll have to rely on the government for telling us what's going on. the government is not known for transparency and truth-telling especially if it is going to embarrass
3:47 am
itself. what the judge did yesterday -- this is the same judge presiding at the trial of mr. holmes -- was to say i don't know if this book, this notebook that the defendant wrote and gave to his treating psychiatrist, an employee of the state of colorado, is going to be admissible in evidence in the case against him. if it's not, then this big dispute about how the reporter, how jana learned about it is irrelevant and i'm goes to dismiss the case against her, and she's not going to go to jail. >>gretchen: what the judge is saying is that he wants to wait and see. it has to do with whether or not the prosecution decides to have this be an insanity case or not; right? >> the prosecution will first decide whether or not they want to seek the death penalty. it seems as though they're going to do that. they haven't definitively decided yet. then the defense has to decide are they going to invoke insanity.
3:48 am
if the defense invokes insanity, they have to prove to the jury he was insane at the time of the crime, insane at the time of the trial and insane at the time of the execution. the government will have to prove he was insane at the time of the crime and trial. the defense has not decided whether or not it is going to invoke the insanity defense. if it does, the book is relevant. his musings to his psychiatrist. >>gretchen: explain why that is relevant in an insanity defense and how that factors back to this reporter and whether or not she'll have to go to jail. >> if there is no insanity defense, the only realnot he gets life in prison or execution. there is not much of a dispute at all but that he is the human being that caused this slaughter. so if his mental state is not an issue in the trial -- this is no dispute about his sanity or insanity -- it doesn't matter what he told his psychiatrist. remember, this is a book in which he wrote some bizarre
3:49 am
fantasies that he gave to his psychiatrist. so the issue is what did the psychiatrist know and when did she know it? what did she tell the police and when did they know it? and why did the police do nothing to stop him? that is an entirely different issue from does he deserve life in jail or execution for the slaughter that he caused? >>gretchen: meantime this reporter, jana winter, has to sit and wait? >> i think she'll probably be back in new york soon. but when there is a hearing in colorado, she needs to be there. i've interviewed her. she is a colleague of ours. she is a serious, mature reporter who performed a profound service to the world by revealing the existence of this. and it's none of the government's business how she got this information. it was truthful and it was accurate and it was timely. >>gretchen: judge andrew napolitano, thanks much. is using your g.p.s. as
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>>brian: in the movie "limitless" a man discovers a pill that allows him to tap into 100% of his brain function. >> a tablet a day and what i could do with my day was limitless. i learned to play the piano in three days. math became useful. and fun.
3:54 am
even half listening to any language i became fluent. >>brian: that drug inspired by a real-life prescription medicine used for narcolepsy. now lots of people are using it just for fun. dr. samadi, we asked you to take a look at this. and when you're ready to come in, you looked at it. do you think we should take this? >> i don't think we should take it. this is off-label use. it is used for narcolepsy, but i cannot tell you how many people are using it. sales of this medication have gone through the roof. >>brian: you need a prescription? >> you need a prescription. a lot of people are getting this medication on internet. they are getting it from foreign drug stores. it's out there. it actually works. there is a lot of reports that the pilots, proathletes, students are using them. what it does, the way they
3:55 am
describe it is your day becomes clear. you have boosts of energy. your performance, if you saw the movie, you saw this guy can speak a foreign language within three days. he can solve all the problems. a lot of wall street guys, a lot of doctors, attorneys, they want to be up for 10, 15 hours and they can take this medication and actually perform. i don't recommend it. i think it's off-label use. this is not what's recommended. but people are using it for depression. they're using it for other uses. >>brian: to be more productive? essentially you take red bull, you have coffee. you feel a little sluggish, you want to get a boost. this is that to the tenth power, wouldn't you think? >> exactly. instead of taking cocaine or coffee. instead of red bull. i don't recommend it. this is not the way to go. there are side effects to go. the short term is upset stomach, nausea, headache. in long term, we don't have the data. nobody studied this and we
3:56 am
don't understand the mechanism of this on the brain, whether it works with the histamine receptors. i don't think we should take this but it's out there and sales have gone up like crazy. >>brian: you worry about the after effects, your body being deprived of sleep long term. when you do crash, you become duller as sharp as you were? >> it's tempting; right? you're thinking about taking it. >>brian: i'm thinking but i'm going to call a member of the medical a team and find out. >> brian is not going to get any sleep anymore. >>brian: dr. david samadi who never sleeps, thank you, doctor. coming up straight ahead, do you remember the teenager who managed to dismantle gun control in three minutes? we had her on "fox & friends." this is a big update to her this is a big update to her story.
3:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody: it's tuesday, april 9, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of your day with us today. they thought it was a good idea, now thanks to the sequester, osama bin laden's son-in-law may get a pass for a short period of time, a delay and even the judge crying political foul. >> brian: no one is letting him out. who approved beyonce's trip o cuba? the white house was asked that question. wait 'til you hear what they said. >> steve: all those people are part of their honeymoon? >> brian: yes. >> steve: meanwhile, brian, this is sports. do you this. >> brian: no, i insist you do this. >> steve: all right. ware number one. louisville winning the crown for the fallen teammate and wait until you see how the cardinals
4:01 am
honored him. it was quite a moment after quite a game. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now. >> gretchen: there has been a theft on the curvy couch. >> brian: all my stuff is here. it's naked. >> steve: brian, could it possibly have gone to the crooky monster? >> brian: strikes again! right from times square where he knocked a child to the ground. >> gretchen: you're missing this part? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: the one that says gretchen is not yours. >> brian: right. i would assume that. >> gretchen: this is my scrapbook from my first seven years of life because tomorrow is sibling day. did you bring your photos? >> brian: i'll bring them tomorrow. >> gretchen: this is not what you're looking for. >> brian: by the way, tomorrow national siblings day and we urge you to send us pictures of your siblings. we'll make it like breakfast
4:02 am
buddies. >> gretchen: i tried not to embarrass myself and hi sister by not picking out bad pictures. let's do some headlines because did you stay up late enough to watch this game? it was in the cards for the cardinals. that would have scared me, too, fireworks startling coach pitino right after louisville wins the national championship. they came back from a 12-point deficit to win. the first coach to win titles with two different schools. he also won with kentucky. the cardinals bringing down the basket so kevin ware could cut down the net. he helped inspire the team after his leg injury. >> not about me, you know. i've never been that type of guy. these guys came out and played a great michigan team. these are my brothers, you know.
4:03 am
they got the job done. i'm so proud of them. >> gretchen: the first title for louisville since 1986. no longer a fantasy weapon. the navy set to use a laser that can blast the bad guys out of the sky. the laser tracks a moving target like this drone, fire has steady beam strong enough to burn a hole through steel. the drone crashes into the ocean. next year the navy will put the weapon on a ship in the persian gulf to take down drones or boats. there was not a sing the miss during testing. it went three for three. the obama administration thought it was a good idea to try a terrorist on american soil. now the mouth piece for al-qaeda who was brought to new york for trial, instead of being sent to gitmo, but his lawyers said the september start date needs to be delayed because of budget cuts in the public defender's office.
4:04 am
fans and celebrities remembering the life of one of the best known members of the original mickey mouse call. >> annette. >> we're the mouseketeers. >> gretchen: kids tv a little different today. anette funicello would go on to star in many movies before leaving hollywood to raise her three children. >> just devastated. the world has lost a gal that for generations has been really america's sweetheart. i would say to her, annette, people love you, adore you. she would say, really? she couldn't believe the fact that she was so loved. >> gretchen: anette funicello passed away from complications stemming from ms. she was 70 years old and those are your headlines. >> steve: a brand-new warning from north korea. it's telling foreigners in the south, get out. this as japans puts in place
4:05 am
nuclear interceptors. >> brian: kelly wright joins us now. >> good morning. north korea is warning foreigners in the south about an impending war. that message effectively shutting down an industrial park there, the last big joint project, by the way, between the north and south. with tensions escalating, japan is deploying missile interceptors around tokyo as a precaution against north korea's threat to launch ballistic missile tests. meantime, the united states welcomes efforts from china, as well as russia to intervene and they're basically working with them to try to make sure they can encourage north korea to step down from the rhetoric. it may come as a surprise that dr. cannes, the so-called father of the nuclear bomb is discussing this issue. he is reportedly -- widely
4:06 am
reported that during the early 1990s visited north korea numerous times tournure nuclear technology for pakistan. speaking to fox news from his home, dr. kanh said kim jong-un is, quote, not very stupid and he does not believe the north koreans are, quote, trigger happy. he goes on to say, does he not believe the north will detonate a nuclear device. >> if america drops a single bomb -- north korea is such a small country if america drops a single bomb, there won't be any north korea on the map of the world. >> it's not publicity or a game playing for the united states oe basically mobilizing their forces for a deterrent.
4:07 am
kanh says he visited north korea and had a nuclear program with them. he became known as the nuclear johnny appleseed to any regime willing to pay for it. steve, brian, gretchen? >> gretchen: thank you very much. meantime, the other big story going on, at least some people are covering it and asking questions about it, is why did jay-z and beyonce travel to cuba to celebrate their fifth anniversary? it was very public. what is it with hollywood celebrities going to cuba? of course, it's run bay dictator and -- buy bia dictator -- by a dictator. what is the obsession and did they go through the right channels to get the right visas? >> steve: that's it exactly. keep in mind, americans are banned from going to cuba unless they get a license from the federal government because there is a trade embargo that keeps most americans from traveling there without a license. as it turns out,
4:08 am
extraordinarily, these hollywood heavyweights, who are aligned with this white house, got a license from the u.s. department of treasury. they traveled there legally. many can't. they could. jay carney asked about it yesterday. >> decisions made about cultural travel and academic travel are made by the treasury department and i would refer you for specific cases to the treasury department. it is certainly the case that under this administration, we have eased the ability to travel to cuba for those purposes. but the decisions at the individual level are made at the treasury department. not here. >> the trip was billed as a tourism trip. >> that's not a white house matter. that's treasury matter. there is a process in place where those who would like to travel seek a license to travel and that's done through treasury. it's not done through here.
4:09 am
it's not something we have any insight into or comment on. >> steve: so it was their fifth anniversary and they got this license from the u.s. government. part of the people to people visit. people to people visits got started under bill clinton. they got reined in under george bush and revived by the obama administration. >> brian: they admitted they loosened things up for people who want to travel there and took advantage of it. you would think they'd be outraged and disdain for those who rob you of your rights and creativity and jail you. i believe there are more african-americans in jail per capita in cuba. >> gretchen: that's the important point. and musicians are jailed there, which musicians are the ones who are going to visit. the famous ones here. musicians are jailed there because of freedom of speech issues. you would think if they went there, it would be to try that instead of appearing to honor it. >> brian: marco rubio's parents
4:10 am
said the program has been abused by tourists who have no interest in the cuban people's freedom and either don't realize or don't care that they essentially are funding the regime's systematic trampling of human rights. >> steve: it was okay for them to travel, but not for most everybody else. speaking of travel, there is a fellow out in california named steven springs. last year traveling through san francisco, he was using his iphone 4. his smart phone to try to get someplace. he was using the gps function and it would say turn right, turn left. he got stopped by a cop and he got fined $160. he had to pay a ticket, but he fought it. he fought it all the way up to the appellate panel and both times they said no, sorry. just by virtue of the fact that you are holding that device, you are distracted. so this guy apparently went to law school, although he's not a practicing attorney. etches doing like you see in the picture. in open court, he opened up a
4:11 am
great big paper map and he said, so let me get this straight, it's okay for me to drive like this with a map in front of my face, but not to have the iphone 4 tell me where to turn? and the judge said yeah. you broke the law. >> brian: they got to work this out because you can not even touch your gps when you're driving unless the car is in parked. so now people are saying, i don't want a gps, i'll use my phone. this is a cop getting to the knewance of his job. >> gretchen: it's more than cops. i think it's device related. so if they're going to make a ruling about texting on this particular kind of device or talking on the phone and you have your gps, i think they want to try to keep the rulings similar for device, even though it doesn't make total sense because reading your paper is the same kind of distraction. >> brian: your phone can do your laundry now. you can use your phone as your phone. then the fact that it's a map feature is on there, what do you do? sit at home and imagine you're driving? >> steve: because he was simply
4:12 am
holding it and the lady in the box was saying turn right, turn left. >> brian: it could be a man's voice. >> gretchen: it could. i think on his model it was a lady's voice. >> steve: if it was on the dash, it would have been okay. but because you can text, make a phone call, stuff like that, the judge thought that because he was holding the device as you would when texting or using the phone, it's all the same. the judge said, talk to the state legislature. or remember the legislature because they got to change the law. right now it only applies in fresno county. the rest of us fine of the let the lady in the box tell you where to go. >> gretchen: coming up, the next government mandate telling you how much you can save for retirement. stuart varney will explain that to us coming up. >> brian: peta's latest crusade, following hunters with drones. >> here is something i didn't know. when vice president biden and president obama meet for lunch at the white house, the chef goes out of the way to
4:13 am
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4:16 am
♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> gretchen: the next government mandate dictating how much you can save for retirement when president obama unveils his budget tomorrow, it's expected to include this limit on retirement funds for wealthy people to what he deems to be reasonable. stuart varney is here from the "fox business" network. so what is the limit going to be with somebody's ira? >> $3 million. $3 million cap when you combine your ira and your 401(k). if you as an individual have both, add it up to a total. it will be capped at $3 million.
4:17 am
>> brian: why would they want to do that? >> it's a proposal. let me get this clear, i think had is one of the worst things that i've ever heard pronounced from the white house. number one, do you really want to be telling youngsters hey, we're going to cap your retirement savings? >> brian: tell them not to save? >> we're going to discourage you from saving. when everybody is talk being how social security is going bust 20 years from now, we're going to discourage young successful dynamic people from putting away for their own pension plan. we're going to discourage that. one of the worst things i ever heard. then hold on a second. the white house, not quoting directly from the white house, some people have, quote, substantially more than is needed to fund reasonable levels of retirement savings. so you work. you save. you invest. but they decide what you need. really? >> steve: it's terrible. but put on your uncle sam hat. think as the government for a moment. okay. if we can get people just to
4:18 am
save up to $3 million, these are rich people. once they get past that, we'll be able to tax them at the higher rate before they retire and that way we'll get that money. >> gretchen: wow. >> you're quite right. this is a way of getting more money out of wealthy people. >> steve: sure. >> it's part of the tax the rich policy. that's exactly what it is. >> gretchen: let me explain it a little bit. >> $3 million, you're capped at 3 million. anything more than that, you don't get a tax deduction for putting the money in. so you get more tax on the money that you would have put in. >> steve: because the tax is deferred until retirement. >> that's right. it's another way of taxing wealthy, successful people. suppose you're in your 20s. you've got 40 years before you retire. if you got a decent job and you save like everybody else, you're saving strongly and investing it, you're going to hit $3 million in 40 years time.
4:19 am
if you've got an ira and 401(k), are we to discourage those people and say you don't need all of that money, so we're not going to give you a tax break for saving. >> steve: any way to stop it. >> yes. it can be rejected by the senate and the house and congress basically when they go through the president's budget, which will be announced tomorrow. they can reject it. i think they will. >> brian: we know the president's budget won't get through unscathed anyway. >> we can all calm down. >> brian: tomorrow you will break down the budget. >> gretchen: we'll watch you at 9:20. how long can you go without complaining about something like your kids or commute or your job? could you make it 21 days? how doing just that could change your life forever. >> brian: then. >> steve: you want to run for office? you better take an i.q. test first. >> brian: is that a good idea
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. 31. that's how many areas have redundant spending in the federal government. costing taxpayers billions of dollars. the report is out today. next, 50 years. that's how long it's been since the f.d.a. approved the drug to treat morning sickness. the new pill will now hit store shelves in june. 2.3 million. that's how many hits this teen-ager's pro gun video got. sarah merkel is her name. joining us last week to tell us how she was able to dismantle the gun control argument in just three minutes. steve? you got longer than that to tell
4:24 am
us how to be happy. >> steve: chances are you have good days and bad days. we all do. some get cranky, i wanted with the daily grinned. what if there was a simple trick to make you happy every day of the week? will bowen is a pastor and the author of a new book called "happy this year." he joins us live today. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you know, it seems like there are a lot of unhappy people out there and if they just knew how to unlock the secret to happiness, and it's not really a secret, they'd be happy all the time. >> i agree. i don't believe there are unhappy people. -- >> steve: there are a lot of them. >> right. but we're all happy to some extent f a one to 10, i would think most people fall in 1 president obama 10. the thing that i found is happy people believe they're happy people. the best vitamin to be happy is b 1. you have to believe you're happy and that's one of the greatest contributors. >> steve: there are so many complainers and unhappy people out there, they've got to
4:25 am
realize, wait a minute. i don't have to be like this. for instance, you say to tap into happiness, define yourself as a happy person. what mean? >> that means literally, when somebody says how are you, you can take the normal mediocre response and say fine, or you can say, i'm happy. just to affirm that you are happy is a positive statement and it makes you feel and it reminds you that you should and can be happy. >> steve: even if you don't feel happy, you say, well, i'm fine. i'm happy? >> well, if you begin to act like it, you literally become that kind of person. so yeah, it's very powerful. >> steve: you say you should set a weekly happiness goal and track your progress. >> right. yes. people find that if you want to lose weight, you need to know how much weight you want to lose. if you want to be a happy person, decide i want to be on a scale from 1 to 10 this happy and then track your progress. i've got an app that does that for you. it's a free app that goes with the book called happy stat. it's available at
4:26 am you download it. it says how happy do you want to be and checks in to see how you're doing with your goal. >> steve: fantastic. another tip, have something to look forward to and do something nice for someone. >> right. i call that ordering the combo. they have found that if you have something to look forward to and if you do something nice for somebody, both of those induce feelings of happiness. if you get up every day with the decision that you're going to look forward to doing something nice for somebody, you feel happier early in the day and then when you do something nice, you feel better. >> steve: i think this is such a good idea because when you feel happy, everything seems to go so much better for you, just generally in life. you're an expert because you came up with a book a while back, tried to go 21 days without complaining. you got to the point where when when somebody asked to you complain, you really couldn't find the juice to do it. >> it literally goes away. to date, we've had over 10 million people in 106 countries follow this complaint-free program. the number one response people give me is when they try to go
4:27 am
21 days without complaining, they feel happier. so this was a natural transition. to me, not complaining is the world isn't such a bad place. being happy is the world is a great place. when we look at it that way, we see it all around us. >> steve: that is a happy message. his book is called "happy this year." thank you very much. >> my pleasure, steve. >> steve: great topic. all right. straight ahead, first they sent pictures of women in lettuce bikinis. but what peta is doing in the name of animal rights goes even further. and anna and maria just traded their jobs in. now look at them. they're models.
4:28 am
♪ (announcer) iskies. now serving breaast. but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first me you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you
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use the ford service credit card. did you tell him to say all of that? no, he's right though...
4:30 am
before tori was taking her kids to lunch in her new volkswagen... before her passat had passed 30 different inspection tests, and before several thousand tennesseans discovered new jobs on volkswagen drive, their cfo and our banker met for lunch. together, we worked with a team that helped finance construction of the world's first leed platinum auto manufacturing plant. that's the impact of global connections. that's bank of america.
4:31 am
>> gretchen: time for your shot of the morning. maria molina strutting her stuff in new york city. she and anna kooiman modeled in this year's from scotland with love fashion show. it raises money for the wounded warrior project. looking good there. >> steve: very nice. look at that.
4:32 am
>> brian: anna starts picking it up toward the end of the runway. >> steve: if you notice at the back of the runway, maria molina just excused herself because she is needed now on the streets of new york city to give us the weather. >> yes. i needed to go to bed to wake up early this morning to give the weather forecast for everyone. i have good news if you live across the eastern half of the country. we're actually talking about relatively spring-like temperatures for some of you. you will be feeling more like summer than spring. some of you skipping over spring out here as we head into the next couple of days. 77 will be the high today in new york city. you can't see it on the map, but it will be 85 today in d.c and then look at tomorrow. your high temperature in washington, d.c. could be 90 degrees. it will start to feel a little hot. otherwise behind the strong cold front, we're talking only teens for denver. it will be a very cold day across parts of colorado. speaking of cold, it will be cold enough that you will see precipitation coming down in the form of snow and significant snow at times out here. talking over a foot of snow possible in parts of colorado,
4:33 am
parts of nebraska, parts of south dakota. winter storm warnings are in effect. blizzard warnings as well across portions of the rockies because the other concern is the wind. gusting 30 to even 40 miles per hour at times. we had a winter storm watch that has just been upgrade to do a warning for minneapolis because you are also expecting some snow as we head into tonight and tomorrow. ahead of the system where it's warm, severe weather will be a concern from texas up in through illinois and iowa. damaging wind gusts, large hail and even some tornadoes will be possible, especially in the zone shaded in red across oklahoma and texas. that's basically a moderate risk for severe storms, something that the storm prediction center had to shoot out. >> steve: all right. very good. thank you very much. by the way, maria, i could be wrong, but i do believe is the first coatless day -- >> yes, it is. good observation. i'm from florida. so for me to not wear a coat, that means it's warm. >> brian: great job on the
4:34 am
runway. >> thank you. >> steve: looks like a lot of fun. meanwhile, we've got headlines for you. a group in china planning to vaccinate up to 90,000 pigeons. >> brian: that should make mike tyson happy. >> steve: they're trying to stop the spread of a new deadly strain of bird flu. officials discovered pigeons with the disease at a market where they were being sold for meat. that's a problem. seven people have died from this new strain and 24 others are sick. however, there is no vaccine at this point to treat this new outbreak. so the group is using drugs that protect against older strains and are hoping for the best. >> brian: that would be an unhappy happy meal. a cookie monster acting like oscar the grouch. he was arrested for allegedly push ago two-year-old boy to the ground. this is a problem. they have the worst attitude. a family posed for a picture with the character in times square. when the family didn't immediately give him a tip, he
4:35 am
yelled at the man to go to the atm. then reportedly became enraged and pushed the kid down. >> what happened with the cookie monster? >> i go down. >> even when he's screaming at me, all i was saying is, why are you doing this? i said i'm giving you money. why be so rude to somebody for a dollar or two? it's shocking. >> brian: they force themselves on you. they grab your kids, take a picture and ask for money. it's everything the cookie monster doesn't stand for. >> steve: you personally as a family also have a problem with mascots. >> i don't think it's about me. >> gretchen: it's a problem because when -- having had my kids down there, they want a picture with the characters. >> steve: in disney world, you don't have to give them a dollar. >> gretchen: you feel sort of compelled. >> brian: they're like the squeegees, they walk and do your window and then ask for money. >> gretchen: moving on to the next story, can hospital alarms be deadly?
4:36 am
a report shows constantly beeping alarms are being linked to hundreds of patients' deaths. the alarms lead to noise fatigue causing doctors and nurses to ignore sounds when there is a real emergency. that's interesting. >> steve: hunters now being the hunted? peta says it's shopping around for a drone to stalk hunters. peta says it will use the drones to film potentially illegal hunting activity and then turn the footage over to the cops. the group also hoping to fly them over factory farms and fishing spots as well. as they drone on and on. >> gretchen: let's go over to brian for sports. a big night last night. >> brian: a great game. unbelievable tournament. the cardinals are champions. louisville stormed back and it looked like michigan was gog blow them out. but in the end, it was all louisville. pitino makes history, he went into the hall of fame officially
4:37 am
on monday, but became the first coach to win titles at two different schools. the first one was at the university of kentucky. he was quite happy. >> we beat a great basketball team. probably because i have the 13 toughest guys i've ever coached. >> brian: there is a lot of guys at providence, boston, celtics, new york nick and others who say, i thought we were tougher. the cardinals bringing down the basket so kevin ware could cut down the net. he will try to be back next year. he's hoping age is just a number. the masters one tell him long will be the youngest person ever at the tournament. he's just 14. he was drawn by tiger woods. and montana may be playing quarterback again forbe the nfl. we're not talking about montana. his son nate wants to take part in a combine.
4:38 am
some say he's a long shot because of a relatively weak arm. he played at a different school, including notre dame, his father's alma mater. i think he ended up at the university of montana. he looks like his dad. he played with will smith and will smith's son and wayne gretzky's son in high school. >> gretchen: last night maybe you caught sean hannity's show where he assembleed black americans and they had interesting thoughts to talk about. one of them was which political party they are aligned with and which one they're supposed to be aligned with. listen to this. >> carson and everybody in here represents is a threat to their sense of ownership. liberals in total believe that they own black america and anyone who dares stand up and say, especially during black history month, we're more than that 30 second blush -- blurb,
4:39 am
and they show something great about us, they want you to focus on civil rights of anything that shows us as down-trodden. it gets so bad to the point where you literally, like as star has and i have, gotten death threats on college campuses from people who persons are not only not black, but aren't american because they feel if you speak up, somebody else might hear you. >> steve: that's reginald jones from project 21. at one point, hannity said, how many of you, of the two dozen black conservatives in attendance, have been called horrible names because of your conservatism? every hand went up in the audience last night. >> gretchen: this is going to be an interesting topic to discuss. let us know what you think about it. should politicians be subjected to an i.q. test? >> steve: nobody would be in congress. >> gretchen: it stems from the representative from colorado.
4:40 am
last week we covered some things she said with regard to gun control and her knowledge of magazines and ammunition. many people were upset and quite startled when she said this. >> just very briefly to your last question, what's the efficacy of banning these magazine clips? i will tell you, these are ammunition. they're bullets, so the people who have those now, they're going to shoot them and so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available. >> steve: it's extraordinary. she is sponsoring federal gun legislation and yet, she doesn't even know what a magazine is. she thinks a magazine is a bullet. and so in this column written for the "new york post" yesterday by glenn reynolds, he talks a little bit about how if
4:41 am
somebody is going to be on capitol hill or in congress and you're going to sponsor legislation or vote on something, you better know what you're talking about. he closes with this line: politicians getting smarter on their own is probably too much to hope for. maybe if voters wise up, a smarter crop of politicians will follow. >> brian: wouldn't it be interesting if there is a one-page test to be a citizen where they ask you who founded our nation, what year, you have to learn all that stuff. people who want to become citizens have to study. i'm wondering if all of a sudden you want to leave the medical profession or leave selling insurance and work in the government, why wouldn't you want a competency test? the american government is a complicated situation. how do you get a piece of legislation passed? if you want to serve on the committee, why can't there be a competency test? you can't possibly good at everything. >> gretchen: that's a great point. obviously you can't be an expert on every issue and there is a big difference between a i.q. test and competency test.
4:42 am
people can be brilliant and still be dumb on certain issues. >> brian: i can get nailed on a lot of gun stuff 'cause i didn't grow up around guns. so a lot of people say i learned that at eight. i never had a gun. >> steve: if you listened to rush limbaugh, he talks a lot about how there are a lot of low information voters and listeners out there. they don't really tune in to an election until the last moment. this congress person obviously and low information congress person when it comes to gun legislation, but if you're going to sponsor legislation, you should know what a magazine. >> brian: i forgot the name, but there was a congressman who did not know the difference sunni and shiite. that's a problem. >> gretchen: the president promised he would make health care affordable, but turns out obamacare could throw us into another recession? peter johnson, jr. is here with the numbers you weren't supposed to see. >> brian: and. >> steve: go ahead, eat all the chocolate you want without the guilt. >> brian: we're talking half the fat, folks.
4:43 am
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4:47 am
in their lab for now. sorry, folks. brian, over to you. >> brian: obamacare is known as an affordable care act. but it may not be so affordable. a new congressional report says the law may send insurance premiums skyrocketing up about 200% and even cause the next recession? here with us is prescription for truth is peter johnson, jr. the numbers were horrible this month. caught some people by surprise. obamacare play a role in that? >> my concern is that obamacare could cause the next recession. we're at a tipping point in this country. when one out of six people are on food stamps, when the gross domestic product decreases slightly and then you revise it and it increases slightly. let's see what mark zandy, one of the obama administration's favorite economists in the past has to say about job growth in the last month and what it has to do with health reform.
4:48 am
>> i think health container reform might be having an impact. remember the adp number? it said for those companies with employees with 50 to 499, that's the group that would be affected by the health care reform, we've seen a rather sharp, slowing in job creation. 43 k in january. minus 5 in march. >> brian: that's where you hit the threshold in which people have to be insured. >> the numbers are critical. let's look at the increase between 2009 and 2012 in family premiums. 17%, brian. 17% increased. it was supposed to decrease costs in this country. the congress, three different committees in congress have calculated it because of obamacare, there may be a 200% increase. >> brian: you're taking that money out of the economy. >> $682 current premium compared to what they project would be an $1,872 premium. aetna, united health, insurers across the country, blue cross,
4:49 am
blue shield saying increases, 40, 50%. united health says under some policies, as much as 116% over the next year. >> brian: what you got to figure in is when you're paying, if you're able to pay those increases and even if you don't adjust, at the very least, you're taking that 22000 that family -- that $2,000 your family would spend, that's out of the economy. >> it's about confidence. the united states chambers of commerce have done a poll and said about 80% of employers don't want to bring on new folks. they're going to more part-time. that's where we saw this number that mark zandy was talking about. >> brian: the main problem with obamacare said now we've plan. they didn't think the american consumer would react to this plan and they are and so is business. >> we create our own monster at this country. my concern is that it does create a recession. i pray against it. >> brian: if it's going to happen, it will happen soon. peter johnson, jr., thanks so
4:50 am
much. straight ahead, are you one of the millions of americans still looking for a job? do not change the channel. cheryl casone is on deck with the top five companies hiring right now. first, on this day in history, 2005, that's what i love about sunday, by craig morgan was the number one song on the country music charts. there is always a lot of wheat in country music songs. you notice [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore.
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>> gretchen: more americans on the job hunt after a depressing jobs report showed 88,000 jobs created last month. here is cheryl casone. let's put good news on that. >> after friday, we need good news. >> gretchen: i know. >> that was a rough report.
4:54 am
>> gretchen: what is maker bot? >> a new technology. 3d printing. it's a real growth industry. this is technology you've got it have the right education and right skill set. but they are having a job fair in brooklyn, new york. the job fair is friday, april 12, from 10 to 5. gout it apply today. they need engineers, they need web designers. they also need people that can do sales and do marketing. you can, if you want to get into the company, you're in the new york area, you got to go today. you got to apply today. >> gretchen: thanks for that information. a pita pit? >> healthy, i know you like that. they've got the pitas, the meat, the sauces. 800 jobs are opening up, 50 new stores. also they've got corporate jobs available i wanted to bring to you because that is if you specialize in real estate or finance, the corporate jobs are good for you. they also offer health plans. depending on what you do. but you could have something. colorado, new york, new jersey
4:55 am
and they're expand not guilty the southeast. >> gretchen: who doesn't need a mr. handyman? >> a lot of people. then this area. this is the company, 130 jobs, they're hoping to hire about 400 in 2013. they're looking to expand ann arbor, michigan, san antonio, dallas, boston. this is basically a service that comes out to your home, to your business. you can start a contract with them. you get a nice handyman to fix all the things you don't want to and are incapable of. >> gretchen: more important, the latter. the entrepreneur store. >> this is business consulting. so a big new trend. you probably seen me bring a lot of franchise opportunities to the show. people wanted to open up these small business, new business. how do you do that? you need guidance. that's what this company will do. they will say here is what you should pay for your store front and for employees. 300 jobs. they have a sister company, 100 jobs. mostly in the southwestern part of the united states.
4:56 am
they're looking to help businesses grow. it's about the small business. we didn't see those jobs coming down, unfortunately. >> gretchen: workout any time? >> 24/7, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. they want to keep it simple. they want to keep costs low. you want to hit the treadmill and watch tv, you want to get out, that's what they do. they've got 150 jobs. opening up 45 new places this year. for some reason this year, we've seen an explosion in fitness. the fitness industry, i guess americans are finally realizing, i better get healthier because my health care will cost so much more. >> gretchen: interesting. i'll tweet all these as well. what's your web site? >> go to especially if you're here in new york and you want to go to that brooklyn job fair, go today. i posted it. you can e-mail us, if you've gotten a job or if you're hiring. reach out to us.
4:57 am
most of the companies reach out to us. >> gretchen: hugo chavez not a good leader, but margaret thatcher was. but you wouldn't know that. we'll be back with that story, top of theso hour but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash,
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while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand. charmin ultra strong helps keep you and your underwear clean. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, april 9, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of your day with us. breaking news right now. a firey helicopter crash in afghanistan has killed american soldiers. details on this breaking news and developing story straight ahead. >> steve: meanwhile, ware number one. a big win for kevin ware, the injured player taking the net, cutting it off the hoop after the cardinals win the national championship last night in his honor in atlanta. >> brian: they dropped it down. then, 'cause the airline was just ranked the best in the country. what's his secret to success in the skies? sir richard branson joins us live. we will greet him.
5:01 am
he'll also reflect back on margaret thatcher. fox friends friends starts. "fox & friends" starts. >> steve: welcome aboard for hour three. in addition, richard branson also loved -- love that guy. he lost a bet. so now he'll have to actually work on another guy's airline dressed as a female flight attendant. >> gretchen: that will not be a practice for r branson. i remember one of the last times he was here, it got a little steamy. he has a certain thing. >> steve: you mean humidity? >> gretchen: he has a certain sex appeal. >> brian: is this money? >> gretchen: nope. it's just his own -- some people just have an aura. >> brian: is it because he has a tv in his headrest. >> gretchen: his airline was
5:02 am
rated number one as well. lots to talk about, including margaret thatcher passing way we. first, the headlines and a fox news alert. we just learned nato helicopter has gone down in afghanistan. it went down in a field. a witness says he heard a loud explosion and then saw the helicopter in flames as it plunged to the ground. then more helicopters arrived and american troops sealed off the site. according to nato, there were no reports of enemy activity in the area at the time of the crash. that raises the number of americans killed there to nine. police arresting one of their own. this guy walked out of jail in colorado. he was behind bars on an aggravated robbery charge and right now, he's still on the loose. sheriff's deputy matthew andrews facing felony charges for allegedly helping him. police are looking into whether other officers were also involved. it was in the cards for the cardinals.
5:03 am
fireworks startling coach pitino after louisville won the national championship. they came back from a 12-point deficit beat michigan 82-76. the first coach to win titles with two different schools. he also won with kentucky. they brought down the basket so kevin ware could cut down the net. his courage helped inspire the team after his horrific leg injury last week. >> it's not about me, you know. i've never been that type of guy. these guys came out here and played a great michigan team and they're my brothers. they got the job done and i'm so proud of them. i'm so proud of them. >> gretchen: it's the first title for louisville since 1986. one of our nation's bravest heros receiving the last medal of its kind. 91-year-old clarence elquist, a veteran from pearl harbor, honored with the pearl harbor commemorative medal. it's only given to vets involved
5:04 am
in combat at pearl harbor. he also received eight other medals. >> i'm glad to be here. it's an honor to have all these people here, see me get the medal. >> gretchen: he was a 19-year-old gunner mate when japanese airplanes attacked the american fleet. after the attack, he fought fires on ships and loaded weapons. those are your headlines. >> steve: she joins us once a week. today is the day. laura ingraham down in d.c hello, laura. >> hey, great to see you. >> steve: we're waiting for tomorrow. we don't know exactly what north korea is going to do. there is some news today. the father of the islamic atomic bomb said in an interview that he doesn't think kim jong-un will do anything stupid. he's not a dope. that's what he said in a
5:05 am
30-minute interview. yet, when you look at what they're doing in north korea, you got to figure since public opinion in china has for the most part turned against north korea in the last couple of months, why doesn't china say, okay. stop it. we're putting you in the time out room? >> this is a fascinating exchange. john kerry and the state department made it clear last week and the week before that we were in conversations with china because, of course, china is the only real country that has regular communications and relations with north korea. and we're now kind of farming out our national security policy in some way to china, which is problematic since china obvious israeli vying to be another world super power and perhaps even eclipse the united states military at some point in the next ten years. we're in a very tricky situation. we're relying on china. china wants to show the world that china has the cards now. that china is the protectorate
5:06 am
in some way of the united states. i think it says a lot about where we are in the world and perhaps america's declining ability to influence world events. >> brian: we're in a tough spot because tennis rodman was locked up with "celebrity apprentice." now that he's free, we'll see if he can pierce something and go over there. here is the problem. if we get out of this and nothing happens and things simmer down, when they erupt again, they're going to be more lethal, have more missiles, more rockets and their nuclear program will be more advanced, more of a threat. something has to happen now. we can't just hope for everything to smooth over. >> well, the problem is, what are we going to do? we don't really know this guy. right? he's in his 20s. he seems to be kind of an enignatic figure. rodman probably got more insight
5:07 am
into him. >> gretchen: that's why i don't trust this kahn guy saying he's not -- >> i mean, he's not trig -- >> gretchen: why would we trust a guy who at any price sells his weapons to all these other countries who are our enemies? >> this is the problem with being a power that perhaps is in decline. it's heart break to go say that about the united states. but when we have the massive debt we have, when we have a president whoa who is very -- he's very hesitant about exercising military force. he'll hold out the jimmy jama is alive and bin laden is dead, but the o president seems totally disengaged. he's golfing over the weekend. whatever, but it seems he's excited about gun control. he's excited about immigration reform. he's excited about how health care is going to play out. but he's not excited about engaging on this critical issue of national security. that is the real problem that we're facing along with our
5:08 am
stretched military budget at a time of great economic concern for this country. >> steve: sure. there is a story that we've been covering that we're excited to make sure people understand, but it seems like nobody else in the main stream media is covering it and that is we've got a dot com producer and reporter named janna winter. she was covering the holmes story in aurora. there she is right there. she -- she's fighting for her right to stay out of jail because they will not reveal her source. and yesterday the judge in colorado said, you know what we're going to do? i got to figure out whether or not i'm going to include that notebook, that holmes sent to his psychiatrist as evidence. so for right now, it's a time out. but had she been working at the "new york times" as judy miller was years ago, that was a big story. everybody was covering it. now because it's fox news, naturey a word. >> you guys are the unclean masses over there at fox. unwatched. so look, i was looking into this
5:09 am
today. forbes has done a pretty good piece. the denver post did a piece late yesterday. so it's maybe beginning to be picked up. you're absolutely right. if this were any member of the "washington post" editorial staff or reporting staff or the "new york times," coverage would be all over the place. the interesting thing substantively about this is that new york and colorado have different shield laws, reporter shield laws. colorado law has a three-prong test and the judge can bypass the shield protection for the reporter if there is a substantial interest in the case, and if it's difficult to get the information otherwise. i'm not sure ultimately what will happen. the media bias question, i mean, they're always protecting their own and circling the wagon for their own if you have the right ideological outlook on a situation. fox doesn't get that. >> steve: it's in everybody's best interest if you're in the press business to stand with us on this. >> yeah. i mean, where is the great ladies reporting? where is the reporting in the
5:10 am
"new york times"? >> gretchen: let's talk about another media bias potential situation, which is the a.p. obituaries comparing their hard take on margaret thatcher and her passing yesterday and their, well, praising take on hugo chavez. one quote, lover or loath her, one thing is beyond dispute, margaret thatcher transformed britain. she ruled 11 remarkable years, imposed her will on a run down nation. you compare that to chavez. president hugo chavez, the firey populist who declared a socialist revolution in venezuela, crusaded against u.s. influence and championed a leftist revival across latin america. wow. he sounds like a lot more heroic than margaret thatcher. >> oh, yeah. the great thing is hugo chavez loved kittens and loved dark versus milk chocolate. he was a man of the people, he loved cut rate chardonnay. it's ridiculous!
5:11 am
it's like he gets an entertainment tonight type report on his life. and meanwhile, margaret thatcher, it's always on the one hand, on the other hand, and you think about the line, gretchen that you read about she imposed her will on the people? how many times has that been used by a, quote, main stream media outlet about president obama when it came to the executive fiat on amnesty, for young people in the united states, or some of these really onerus regulations coming out. he's imposing his will every day to trample america. but we don't ever hear that language when it comes to our own president who is supposed to be representing all the people. so it's fascinating. but it's not surprising. she was courageous, bold, a heavy opportunity to have a small lunch with margaret thatcher about five or six years ago. she was an elegant, gracious woman who did not suffer fools. if you were someone who should have known better, she did not suffer your lack of discernment.
5:12 am
but if you were someone who was coming up through the ranks, she tutored you. she was extremely gracious. and the world will never see another margaret thatcher. she was everything that most of these individuals are not. >> gretchen: i hope we do. >> brian: she was more leader than politician. >> right. she was a woman for a certain time. that type of elegance and grace, i think at least in britain, i don't see it coming down the pike any time soon, or frankly in the united states. we'll see. i know that sounds like a harsh thing. she was special. >> steve: i had not heard your nugget about hugo chavez that he liked cut rate chardonnay. so he was a fan of two buck chuck? >> two bucks, he loved -- it's called two buck carlos back there. but he loved that. he was kind of pope francis in chavez. they were simple people. >> brian: rewall it riuniti. >> steve: i don't think he ever went to trader joe's.
5:13 am
have a great week. >> thank you. >> brian: next up, the u.s. drawing up plans to respond to north korea, so what's being done to prevent an all-out war? senator kelly ayotte, a person many people are saying should run for president. >> gretchen: the irs is collecting more than just your taxes. they're collecting personal information about you from places like facebook. really? >> steve: i'm closing my twitter
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> steve: north korea withdrawing its workers from a factory that's jointly run with southbound, fueling speculation that the rogue regime is prepping for an imminent nuclear arms test. so what is the united states doing to prevent a war over on the korean peninsula? senator kelly ayotte joins us
5:17 am
from washington. she's a member of the senate armed services committee and will be at a hearing just about an hour from now on the escalating situation there. senator, good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: what is the very latest on what's going on over there? >> well, obviously very troubling with this new leader of north korea. he's the youngest leader in the world. very unpredictable. so none of us -- the problem is we don't know what he's going to do. then you also have new leadership in south korea. south korea essentially is in a position where they're not going to take it any more with their new president. there has been very clear that if north korea has any acts of aggression against them, you remember the previous attack on the island, if there is any attacks like that, then south korea will respond. you can't blame them. their people have been attacked in the past by north korea. but you've had the third nuclear test in february. it's very troubling with this 29-year-old leader and so for what we need to do is we're in a
5:18 am
position where -- that north korea has to understand our resolve, number one, that if they take any acts toward us or our allies, that we have assets in place that we're going to respond. that's what you see the administration doing, number one. >> steve: absolutely. and i know that a number of republicans, very supportive of the tact this president and this administration taking. and i know that if he launches something and it looks like it's headed for japan or guam or south korea, somebody is going to shoot it down. but at the same time, senator, there are some who feel, look, you got this 29-year-old punk there and because the united states -- because our standing in the world has degraded over the last couple of years, he might just try something because we're not as big as we used to. they look at the strong man picture of him shooting off a revolver, that's just ridiculous. >> one thing i certainly have been concerned when i look at where we are in the world, that our enemies feel more emboldened and our allies don't feel we'll
5:19 am
back them up. but with regard to north korea, i appreciate what the administration has been doing. making sure that they understand we're ready to respond. three things, north korea can't doubt our resolve that we will respond if they attack us or our allies. secretary, it's very important -- second, it's very important that south korea and japan now we have their back because they don't have nuclear capability because they rely on our deterrent. then finally, by the way, we need to find what we can do with china 'cause china could end this tomorrow. >> steve: they absolutely could, with one phone call. before you go, i want to ask you about the latest on benghazi. yesterday we had with us a fellow who has written a letter along with 700 special operators. they're saying to the administration, hey, wait a minute. we don't feel like you got our back because you left a couple of special operators over there. a lot of people wonder, why haven't we heard from the
5:20 am
survivors, the employees of the federal government, whether it's state or the c.i.a., why haven't they come forward and told their story? >> well, i appreciate those 700 special ops wrote this letter. this, i think, demonstrates what we called for from the beginning. senator graham, senator mccain and i, which is a special committee that was just focused on this. we've had this disjointed investigation of it and we've had to push, push for more answers. absolutely, i hope that -- i know the house is working with having the survivors come forward. >> steve: let me interrupt you for a second. what is one question you want answered? >> one question i certainly want answered is what did the survivors, what was their experience? they've not come forward yet. they need protection to make sure that there won't be any receipt tricks against them -- retribution against them within their agency. i think their perspective is very important of what happened on the ground and by the way, where was hillary clinton in all of this? the fact that she was unaware
5:21 am
that her own ambassador was saying that the consulate couldn't withstand a coordinated attack, that was never answered to a satisfactory answer. >> steve: it was not. senator, thank you very much. we know you got a meeting in an hour. thanks for dropping by. >> thank you it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> brian: quick headlines. the navy set to use a powerful laser that can blast the bad guys out of the sky. next year the weapon will be put on a ship in the persian gulf to take down drones or boats. take a look how it works. it will blast a hole through steel. there was not a single miss during these tests. it was shot off three times. let's hope we don't give it to anybody. another reason to think before you post. the irs reportedly starting to look at facebook posts and other social media sites, see if there is any red flags with your tax
5:25 am
returns. critics say it's taking things too far. >> gretchen: it is a heartfelt sister act when 7-year-old destiny found her older sister in tears after a bad breakup. she decided she would write her words of wisdom to remind her sister and others that relationships are, quote, purely elementary. i'm joined by the two sisters, destiny, who is now eight, and the author of the new book "relationships are elementary" and her big sister, lindsey. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so you shared a bedroom, right? that's how this whole thing started. destiny, you had heard your sister talk a lot about her fiance, her boyfriend. >> yeah. she'd be crying and she thought i was asleep, but i wasn't. i was listening. >> gretchen: so you were listening to the whole thing. eventually you break up after you were engaged and it was a very sad time for you. >> absolutely. and so you decided to write some advice down in a letter. >> yes, in a letter, kind of. i typed it up on the computer. >> gretchen: and you gave it to
5:26 am
lindsey. >> yes. >> gretchen: when you read it, what was your reaction? >> at first, just reading through it -- 'cause being so sad and reading it and it really touched my heart that she want to do do that for me. it was sweet more than anything. i was overwhelmed. >> gretchen: so relationship tips from a 7-year-old that turned out to be extremely popular not even with helping you, but you showed it to some of your other friends and they were like, wow, i guess i can take some of this to heart. >> yes. >> gretchen: let's look at some tips. see if we can help others. here is one, know someone before you start dating. i love the hearts above the eyes. because what if they are really a secret creep? what do you mean by that? >> well, maybe they say oh, like i'm a librarian or something. and they're really an iguana owner. >> gretchen: so in other words, they're not totally telling you the truth?
5:27 am
>> yeah. >> gretchen: so beware of that. here is another point, if he breaks up with you, have a party and thank god he's gone! [ laughter ] your advice to lindsey was to smile in the face of sadness? >> yeah, and stay positive. >> gretchen: did you take that one to heart? >> yes. >> gretchen: and you had a party? >> no. just looking at the good side of things. >> gretchen: here is another point, if he proposes and you feel funny in your heart, say no, no, no. and then run to your car. [ laughter ] how did you come up with that one? >> well, if you feel funny in your heart, as in a feeling telling you not to because maybe he's not telling the truth -- >> things you don't know, if you have a funny feeling. >> gretchen: i think more than anything, this shows that you really love your sister. >> i do. >> gretchen: yeah. and i think she loves you, too, because she took your advice very seriously. now it's in this cute little book right here, relationships are elementary, kind of looks
5:28 am
like a little postcard. and all these spellings and the way in which you wrote it have remained the same in the book, right? i love it. so it's very true to a 7-year-old. tell us about your next book that's coming up now. >> "little brothers are elementary." >> gretchen: little brothers are elementary. how many people can relate to that one? we wish you all the luck in your future relationships, lindsey. and to you, i think you have a career ahead of you either as a writer or relationship expert. >> something like that. >> brian: either one is okay with me. meanwhile, remember when our government spent more than $600,000 to study shrimp? the brand-new ways your taxpayer money is being wasted next. and this is an extraordinary find. a letter written by a very terrified marilyn monroe. what it reveals is eye opening. pan left, show jackie o, winston churchill, thomas edison, thomas jefferson, letters from them and the details behind them and how
5:29 am
you can buy them in a matter of moments. >> that sounds good. >> i think i'll have a glass of that. a big tall one times. tee times are the official start of what we love to do. the time for shots we'd rather forget, and the ones we'll talk about forever. in michigan long days, relaxing weather and more than 800 pristine coursesmake for the perct tee time. because ing able to play all day is pure michigan. your trip begins at
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it only matters that it shows up and makes things better. in that spirit, verizon is proud to announce the powerful answers award. 10 million dollars in prizes for the best ideas. ideas so big, they have the power to change everything. whether it's our inspiration, or yours, the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. the powerful answers award from verizon.
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[ dog ] we found it together.upbeat ] on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-arod thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. >> disney is laying off 150 employees at lucas art, the company behind the star wars video games, which explains that new line in the game, luke, move back in with your father. [ laughter ] >> brian: all right. >> gretchen: let's do some
5:33 am
headlines now. remember when we told you more than $600,000 of taxpayer money was used to study shrimp? that's just the tip of the treadmill. the got accountability office will reveal 31 areas of redundant spending. a few examples, they're spending billions on new mapping data without checking if another agency has maps they can use. 23 different federal agencies run hundreds of programs to support renewable energy. >> steve: that shrimp is in great shape. >> brian: what approved jay-z's and beyonce's trip to cuba? lawmakers are outraged. the white house was asked about it. >> there is a process in place where those who would like to travel seek a license to travel and that's done through treasury. it's not done through here. it's not something we have any insight into or comment on. >> brian: the treasury
5:34 am
department granted them a license, calling it a cultural exchange. they're big supporters of president obama. >> steve: unrelated probably. >> gretchen: a cookie monster acting more like oscar the grouch. this impersonator was arrested for allegedly push ago two-year-old boy to the ground. a family posed for a picture with the costumed character right across the street from us in times square. when the family didn't immediately give him a tip, he reportedly became enraged and pushed the kid down. >> what happened with the cookie monster? >> he push me. >> even when he's screaming and yelling at me, all i was saying was, why are you doing this? i said i'm giving you money. why be so rude to somebody for a dollar or two? it's shocking. >> gretchen: the impersonator charged with endangering a child. >> steve: so unusual for people to describe that guy as rude. meanwhile, a bear was about to kill him, he says n his own backyard. so this 76-year-old man from
5:35 am
massachusetts aimed and fired. now he's facing charges because he killed the bear and apparently he didn't have the right gun permit. >> it's getting closer and i felt really threatened. i knew it was going to attack me. kind of reared up and made a couple of snorting sounds. >> steve: here is the thing, the retired marine got his firearms i.d. card many years ago. at that time, the i.d. was valid forever. since then the laws have changed in his state. now you have to renew it every six years. he had no idea. cops say he should have gone back into his house and called animal control and they would have taken care of it. >> gretchen: extreme weather alert to tell you about. spring snow storm hitting colorado. canceling flights and closing schools, up to two feet expected to fall in some ports by tonight. -- parts by tonight. now more from maria molina.
5:36 am
>> good morning. that's right. we're talking strange weather. we have a very strong cold front that's headed eastbound and ahead of this system, we have some very warm temperatures and behind it, very cold temperatures. well above average or well below average, depends on which side of the front you are at. if you're in texas, you're ahead of it. 89 could be your high temperature today in san antonio. 77 in new york city. 85 in d.c it's not on the map, but tomorrow, dc, you could actually be seeing a high temperature at 90 degrees. feeling more like summer out there. incredible across ports of the mid atlantic. new york city tomorrow, expecting a high temperature at 80. that's ahead of the front. behind it, we do have the cold temperatures and we do have that snow coming down right now across parts of south dakota, nebraska, colorado, wyoming, and even into montana and like you said, some of you will be seeing one to two feet of snow. wind gusts over 30 miles per hour at times. that is why we do have winter storm warnings in effect, blizzard warnings and a winter storm watch was issued for the city of minneapolis. that has been upgraded now to a
5:37 am
winter storm warning because you will be seeing significant impacts from the storm system, especially as we head into tonight and into tomorrow. we're talking about snow and also some wind out there. severe weather is another component of the storm system. it is a very big threat today. widespread across texas, up in through iowa and illinois. the red zone is where we do have the greatest chance to see tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail. from texas to iowa, you need to be alert and heed those warnings. brian? >> brian: thank you very much. you forget, she's not just a runway model after last night's big expedition, but you're looking at some of history's most iconic figures and now you can see inside their minds as thousands of their original letters go up for auction. before they hit the auction block, we have five of them here, or six here with us who brought them and won't let me touch them. joe is the owner of profiles in history. hey. >> how are you? >> brian: so you have some letters. there is a whole bunch. not just what we seehave thomasn
5:38 am
near the end of his life, a letter right here? >> this is written two years before he died. what's amazing, he's basically expounding his wisdom about the country and saying the future generations, take care of america. it's fragile. he's expounding what we should have done probably and that's what people collect. people are looking for content, advice about our future. >> brian: so this would go for how much? >> between 50 and $75,000. >> brian: it's in an auction format? >> absolutely. people can bid competitively on-line. >> brian: steve, stay out of this. this is from thomas edison. this is his patent for the light bulb. >> in the 1880s when he designed the light bulb, they had to go country by country to register the patent, now you can do it at one time. this is bolivia's copy. this would have been sent to their office. >> brian: might he have sketched this himself? n originally, yes. they're hand signed by him.
5:39 am
>> brian: wow. how much would you think the bidding would start here for? >> this is conservatively 20 to 30,000. this could break $100,000. this is a really good thing. this is the light bulb. >> brian: winston churchill, the date is august 11, 1933. >> this one is a trip. basically churchill saying look, the united states is in a recession. they're a resilient country. they'll be okay. you read it. you think it was in today's paper. >> brian: amazing. of course, we did. he talks about visiting japan. >> absolutely, like dejavu. >> brian: jackie o? >> she's basically defending her husband, looking at the adversaries and defending her husband's candidacy. >> brian: it's with her own handwriting. this is marilyn monroe. some of the crew guys were bringing up, how do you compare her and thomas jefferson? this has -- what teach value? >> -- type of value? >> a letter like this, probably
5:40 am
30 to 50,000 in an estimate. but marilyn money co- is talking of -- monroe is talking about her psychological well-being and comparing it to acting and saying she's so unhappy with her life that it's basically carrying into her acting. it's like she had constant problems with this idea of suicide. she actually mentions suicide and compares it to acting. >> brian: unlike the jefferson, which is tough to read, but you can read t. she says this, dear lee, who is she writing to? >> lee strasburg. >> brian: her acting coach. i'm embarrassed to start this, but thank you for understanding and having changed my life even though you changed it, i still am lost. she goes on to talk about -- >> other not well-being. >> brian: so if i want to buy this what, would it cost me? >> between 30 to $50,000. you can use a credit card. >> brian: i can? >> absolutely. good. because i think ted has some room on his. so all of this is just a sample of what you have. you have other things on this site.
5:41 am
>> absolutely. there are 300 items in the auction ranging from george washington, all the founding fathers, right up to present times, sports, athletes, jackie robinson, a real comprehensive election. >> brian: why is steve here? >> he's ready to buy something. >> steve: i just have one question, how do you know they're real? >> most letters of famous people are published somewhere. so if you want thomas jefferson, you can go to the university of virginia. you can look it up. you can see the last time it was sold. they're all pretty track annual. >> steve: just -- trackable. just like sports memorabilia. >> brian: it should not happen and this is very good for rehearsal. on the real show, he doesn't walk off. joe, thanks so much. his profiles in we're going to come right back. i'll look at the camera 'cause there is no prompter there. hundreds of kids forced to take their sat's twice. they didn't do anything wrong. the teachers did things wrong. did they cheat? i don't think so, but they got
5:42 am
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>> gretchen: 45 minutes after the top of the hour. imagine taking the sat's and being told your test didn't count. that's exactly what happened to more than 250 students at a high school in texas. the reason? teachers who administered it sat students too close together. the college board didn't find evidence of cheating, but it's still making everyone retest. what bummer. one french cyclist -- paying for it. >> brian: don't look. it will slow the whole show down. >> gretchen: i have a tendency
5:46 am
to pass out when i see things like that. he crash noose a sign. he was unable to -- >> brian: sometimes there is no explanation, steve. >> steve: this could be one of them. look, i saw it coming. ouch. >> brian: there was an arrow tell willing him where to go. >> steve: we've been telling you about this this morning, louisville concluding its inspirational run by beating michigan to win the ncaa championship. >> brian: thousands of sports fans across the country must return home. joining us live from atlanta, carolyn ryan. hey, carolyn. >> hey, good morning, guys. atlanta hartsfield jackson airport is a busy place this morning. it's a crowded place. all those final four fans pack up and get ready to head home. but it's the louisville fans who are arriving here to the airport this morning with a little extra pep in their step after their huge win last night over michigan. final score 82-76.
5:47 am
here is a video from last night as fans poured out of the georgia dome. louisville fans in great spirits as their team played passionately on behalf of their school and on behalf of their injured teammate, kevin ware, who has really captured the national spotlight due to the nature of that leg injury he suffered and his attitude in the wake of it. but michigan fans have a lot to be proud of as well. it was a hard fought game and fans on both sides really walked away feeling good about the tournament and the final four experience in general. we caught up with some fans as they exited the dome. take a listen. >> to cap it off, this is the great he was experience you could have. >> these guys worked so hard all year, pitino, i see repeat next year. >> it was my first final four ever and it was amazing. >> as we come back out live, i spoke with the general manager of atlanta hartsfield airport here. he said on a normal day, they
5:48 am
see from about 40,000 travelers flying out. but he said today they're going to see about 65,000 travelers flying out of the airport here. he said that's 100% due to final four fans heading out of the city here. all the fans we spoke with last night after the game and inside this morning, they all say one thing, whether their team lost or won last night, they are leaving here with some really great memories from atlanta. that's the latest from here, back to you. >> brian: it was venetianal scene last night, in the first half t looked like louisville would get blown out. but the story of kevin ware's leg, they lowered the basket and let him cut down the net. people will remember that forever. >> absolutely. a special moment. inside the dome, fans went crazy at that moment, very emotional. >> brian: did you get the sense there were more louisville fan there is and more louisville fans in and around or more michigan fans or was syracuse
5:49 am
and wichita state overwhelming the city? where were the most? >> it was all pretty equal. there was just 100,000 fans in general here in atlanta over the weekend. but i'd have to say louisville came out strong. especially in wake of the whole kevin ware situation. they were everywhere. and they were really loud and passionate. it was really a great energy and vibe here in atlanta over the weekend. >> gretchen: thanks very much. i know i had one crying fan at home last night. >> brian: he had michigan? >> gretchen: yeah. >> brian: bet his allowance. let it ride. >> steve: how about the people who thought it was going to be harvard? they got that close. >> brian: yeah, harvard. they blew everyone's bracket. meanwhile, want to run for office? better take an i.q. test. that idea being floated and your ideas on the topic next [ male announcer ] when you're at the corner of "multivitamin"
5:50 am
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>> gretchen: senator lindsey graham says there are some nuggets in the president's budget that could open the door to a brand-new bargain. what does he mean? he's here to talk about it. and doctors doing surgery with robots. you get a shorter recovery time which is great, but there are hidden dangers that we want to share with you today. there are crazy storms going on of the snow and summer colliding. we'll tell what you to expect at the top of the hour. >> steve: thank you very much. in addition to the weather, apparently some crazy traffic here in new york city. sir richard branson, we told you he was going to be with us this half hour, he's delayed.
5:54 am
we're -- >> brian: a billionaire's delayed? >> steve: we're going to have him -- you would think he would have a jet pack or something. he's going to be with us tomorrow instead. we apologize. >> gretchen: in the meantime, what do you think about this question? should politicians be required to take an i.q. test before they are elected into office or before they are put on certain committees? >> brian: why do you say that? >> gretchen: because someone wrote an editorial claiming that would be a really great idea after they heard a congresswoman in colorado, diana degette, say this about guns and magazine s. >> just very briefly to your last question, what's the efficacy of banning these magazine clips? i will tell you, these are ammunition. they're bullets. so the people who have those now, they're going to shoot them. and so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time
5:55 am
because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available. >> steve: the problem is she thinks magazines are bullets. they're not. and what this guy writes in the new york post yesterday is the fact that this person is sponsoring legislation, you know, if we make mistakes about guns on tv, we're not sponsoring federal legislation. she is. maybe there should be an i.q. test for politicians. we asked you what you thought and a whole mess of you wrote in. >> gretchen: beverly from texas said this. >> brian: this is a female voice. >> gretchen: i don't know which is -- this one. we need people in washington with common sense. i know lots of people who are really book smart but they don't have a lick of common sense. i will take common sense over people with high iq's any day. >> brian: right. can we have the typing noise for marsha. >> gretchen: marsha. what we need is a competency test for voters because most of our voters have absolutely no
5:56 am
idea what they are supporting. that's a good take. other people have brought that up before. >> brian: i can see him hitting the space bar. >> steve: i like my suggestion from wisconsin. he says, instead of an iq how about a lie detector test. >> brian: just because you've been there a while, you have seniority, if you want to get a key chairmanship post, it should be an expert. >> steve: if you're going to offer gun legislation, you should know something about guns. >> gretchen: we'll be right back, three minutes away. more "fox & friends" [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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